Dyslexia Institute of Southern
 New Mexico, Inc

- Enabling Minds to Grow -
We are a teaching/therapy organization for students who are bright but have an unexpected difficulty with reading and/or math.  Up to 20% of the U.S. population suffers from some degree of dyslexia.  Reading capability is a requirement for success.  Dyslexia is devastating, but it doesn't have to be.  With proper multisensory remediation, almost all dyslexics can be taught to read.  If therapy begins early enough, 80% will read well.
Characteristics Which May Accompany Dyslexia:
Difficulty isolating and identifying sounds in words, syllables, and rhymes.
Difficulty with word identification. Trouble  comprehending what is read.
Difficulty with spelling, especially remembering the order of letters.
Problems with handwriting. Reversals of letters.    Unclear about right or left handedness.
Problems in math related to the order of numbers, the sequence of steps in a problem, or the language of mathematics and directionality.
Difficulty putting thoughts into words; written or spoken.
Delays in learing to speak and in using age- appropriate language. 
Confusion of directions in space or time (e.g. right/left, up/down, yesterday/tomorrow).

Dyslexia Institute of Southern
New Mexico, Inc. 
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