Services Offered
Dyslexia Institute Southern New Mexico, Inc.

Reading Program
Dyslexia students need a different approach to learning language from that
employed in most classrooms.  Dyslexia Institute provides dyslexia therapy in a
classroom environment of one to three students. We use a proven, thoroughly researched, multisensory program developed at the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas, enabling
students with dyslexia to connect with and master the complex symbolic code called written English. Math students use research-based programs to rebuild basic skills while addressing classroom challenges.

Adult Services
In addition to the Scottish Rite Alphabetic Phonics and the Take Flight programs
for elementary through middle school students, DISNM offers the Scottish Rite
Adult Literacy Program for high school and college students and adults.

Math  Program
DISNM offers structured multi-sensory treatment for dyscalculia* utiliizing research-
based programs and hands-on experiences, at the same time assisting the
student to pass required math and algebra courses  at the elementary through
college levels. Dyscalculia* is a learning disability affecting children and adults who
struggle with math and numbers. Affected persons may have trouble with
basic calculations, memorizing  numbers or keeping track of the score in a game.
In the Alphabetic Phonics program, dysgraphia (extreme difficulty with handwriting)
is integrated with a written language component. As students learn to write in cursive through specialized techniques, manuscript handwriting usually improves as well. Our
Writers Workshop instructor is a Fellow of the National Writing Project.