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How Can I Help Students With Dyslexia?
You can support the public schools in all efforts to help children with reading disabilities. It is especially important to encourage the schools to recognize dyslexia and provide appropriate remediation for all levels of the disability. You can support outside programs in the community that provide help to the reading disabled, particularly the local Scottish Rite Learning Center.

How Can I Help the Dyslexia Institute?
You can donate directly to the Dyslexia Institute of Southern New Mexico, Inc., or you can donate to the Franklin Hartman Scholarship Fund, providing scholarships to DISNM students to enable children of all income levels to reach their full potential.

Other Current Needs of the Dyslexia Institute
* Technology: our computers are aging. Although we keep them updated, they are struggling to support Windows 10.
* Educational materials: "Take Flight" books: about $20 each, and we are almsot out of the lower levels. Overlays for scotopic sensitive students, lamps which can be fitted with colored lenses to reduce glare.
*Signage for our East Mesa Campus

Tax deductible donations go to:

Franklin Hartman Scholarship Fund
Dyslexia Institute of Southern New Mexico
P.O. Box 13507
Las Cruces, NM 88013


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